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Wilmers Basin

Wigram, Christchurch

September 2019 to October 2020

Christchurch City Council


Wilmers Pit is a former council owned gravel pit located at Wilmers Road in Wigram. The basin receives overflows along a conveyance swale from Owaka Basin south of Christchurch Southern Motorway during extreme storm events. 

A first flush basin was formed within the quarry to capture the initial 25mm of any rain event from developments along Wilmers Road. A new grassed swale formed along Owaka Road receives stormwater from this area and discharges to the existing  South Awatea Basin. Extensive lizard management was required at this site both prior to and during construction. 

Wilmers Basin

Project Scope

  • Site establishment and setting out of all works 

  • Site clearance and vegetation removal.

  • Excavation and disposal of unsuitable material from site

  • Construction of stormwater basins

  • Formation of landscape and grass areas.

  • Construction of swales behind 50 Wilmers Road and in front of 34 Owaka Road to Awatea South Basin

  • Construction of 3m wide shared paths (gritted and asphalt) and light vehicle timber bridges 

  • Provision and maintenance of temporary traffic control and erosion/sediment control for the duration of the contract. 

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