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Cox's Quaifes Stormwater Facility

Halswell, Christchurch

January 2020 to November 2020

Christchurch City Council


The Cox's Quaifes Stormwater Facility involved the construction of three basins (first flush, wetland and detention) to treat and retain stormwater flows for current and future developments around the facility. 

The basins are connected by culverts and inlet/outlet structures. The Detention Basin and the Wetland Basin both have outlets to a newly enhanced section of Quaifes Road Drain, including a new culvert road crossing. 

Cox's Quaifes

Project Scope

  • Site clearance, including removal and disposal of existing vegetation, stormwater structures, fences

  • Setout and survey of works 

  • Maintaining the Country Palms Development stormwater flows and complying with existing consent requirements 

  • Excavation, stockpile and disposal/relocation of material 

  • Construction of the First Flush, Detention and Wetland Basins 

  • Construction of culvert structures including inlet/outlet structures, grates, scour aprons, spillways 

  • Topsoil placement and stabilisation (grassing) 

  • Footpath construction 

  • Naturalisation of Quaifes Drain along the front of the site 

  • Installation of a new box culvert to upgrade the existing pipe crossing Quaifes Rd 

  • Landscape works included the planting of the constructed basin and waterway, placement of specimen trees and the installation of seating.

Take a look:

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