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About Us

Grounds & Services Limited (GSL) is a part of The Omah Group. The Omah Group is a privately owned enterprise with companies across New Zealand covering industries such as civil construction, open space management, ecological restoration, biosecurity services, ecological consultancy and workplace training. In the past few years, our companies have been on a journey developing, implementing and executing on new project opportunities. The other organisations that are a part of the Omah Group are:

  • Ecology New Zealand

  • New Zealand Biosecurity Services Limited

  • Omah Services

  • New Zealand Biosecurity Academy

  • Workplace Training

Redefining the way we grow our future

Grounds & Services Limited (GSL) is a limited liability company that has been in operation in and around Canterbury since 1997. GSL has progressively grown its people capability which has enabled the business to tender for and win increasingly larger scaled projects. 

GSL operate in the landscape, roading maintenance and construction industries, specialising in turf maintenance and earthwork construction, especially in wetland areas. This provides a diverse business including:


  • Roadside mowing and chemical spraying

  • L2 traffic management for government and local authorities 

  • High amenity maintenance for universities and schools.  

  • Specialist sports turf maintenance for the Canterbury rugby union 

  • Roading maintenance as a subcontractor through NZTA’s NOC maintenance contracts

  • Major construction projects involving earthworks, civil construction, and landscaping.     

GSL primarily operates in the Canterbury area, with existing maintenance contracts extending from the Kaikoura Coast in the North to the Waitaki River in the South, and West to the Southern Alps. GSL also has operations in the Wellington region.

Our extensive range of plant and equipment is supplemented by our transportation fleet to get the resources to where they need to go. Our large, certified mechanical workshop ensures the fleet is regularly serviced and maintained. 

About Us
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